Norbert Mathias


My heart filled greetings to all! Our parish, established 56 years ago in 1958, stands rich in its spirituality by giving more than twenty five Priests and Nuns for the service of God. Since its establishment, it has seen several transformation due to the selfless service of our Parish Priests who had served here. Transformation is also seen in most of our families today. Many families have become financially stable. Many have started their own business. A lot of youngsters are pursuing their higher education. Agriculturists are effectively using scientific methods and modern equipments for farming and cultivation. Many of our family members today work across India and even in abroad. During their stay outside Mangalore, they try obtaining news about their home town from various newspapers and digital media. But what about the news of their own parish? So, with an intention to make it possible for them and others to get every news of the events and celebrations happening in our Parish, we, with our well-wishers have launched our own Church website ''. I congratulate everyone, responsible for the launch of this website. Now we are able to spread every news of the events happening in our Parish more rapidly across the globe. Hence, I pray to almighty God that, this initiative be even more successful in coming years. And may Mary our Mother pray for us and everyone working for this website. I also believe that all our Parishnors and other readers will make the best use of this website and support us in years to come....

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