Rev. Fr. Valerian Dsouza

Parish Priest

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and in Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We the Parishioners of Kuppepadavu Parish are on the threshold of celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of our Parish. The 60 years of the existence of this Parish will be celebrated in grandeur and solemnity. Our Parishioners are waiting for this day in expectations. The inauguration of this Diamond Jubilee will be on the 20th August 2017. The founder of this parish and parishioners had poured out their lives for the spiritual as well as social economic development of this parish to this day 25 energetic enthusiasm young youths have been ordained as priest. Now in their different capacity are doing pastoral ministry in the different counties of this world. More than ten young girls have professed as religious sisters. Some of our parishioners have gone abroad doing well. Some parishioners have started their own business and in well positions.
Some parishioners are working in their own land have become self sufficient. Particularly the young people are trying to do higher education.

Hence in all the fields our parishioners are going forward in a successful way. We are very happy and with the full of joy to give this message and requesting from our parishioners abroad or here, for their full hearted co operation and help.

I as parish priest impart all my parishioners Godís blessings.

Fr. Valerian Dísouza

Parish Priest
Kuppepadavu ...

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