The feast of Nativity of Mary

The feast of Nativity of Mary

For the feast of the nativity of Mary, the novena was started on 30-08-2016. Every day, for new days children and people were bringing flowers. This year more parishioners have come for the novena. We have collected some amount through the mordom for the expenses of the feast. On the 08-09-2016, the solemn Eucharist was celebrated along with other priest our parish. Rev Fr Melvin Rosario, Rev Fr. Lancy Rosario, Rev Fr. Lesly Rosario, along with the Parish Priest co-celebrated the Eucharist sacrifice at 8 am. Fr. Melvin Rosario was the main celebrant and Fr Lancy Lewis preached the sermon in the mother Mary, followed by honoring the parish council members and these who helped for the feast, Mr. Henry Pinto odoor was the sponsor for the sugarcane. The church was full for the feast. The parish priest thanked all the parishioners and wished a happy feast to the parishioner and to these who are abroad.

Mass Timing
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04:30 PM
04:30 PM
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