Maud Sunday Good Friday And Easter

ON the 29th was the Holy  Thursday was the day of last meal of Jesus commemorated in a meaningful  way. The Altar was decorated with flowers. . The ceremony was at 5 p.m ALL the participants have with white cloths. It was the day of priests on this Jesus Instituted three sacraments . On this day Jesus had given us new Commandment, love one anther as He loved.  On this day He has washed the feet of the apostles and commanded his followers to do as He has done. After  the mass there was Adoration for a half an Hour. After that some people remained for the silent adoration It was till 12 p.m night Many people have done silent adoration. On the Good Friday  at 8 a.m there was the way of the cross. it was outside the Church, done by the teachers of our parish under the leadership of Mrs Lona Roasario. The way of the cross touched our hearts. In the evening the ceremony was at 4 p.m. Before that we have done divine mercy chaplets. the passion by the celebrants. The choir was good our brother Norman was present so that He could guide our choir in a proper way.. The Easter Sunday was celebrated solemnly. on the eve Saturday at 7.30 p.m the blessings of fire, the lighting of the pascal candle. the procession to the church with the pascal candle and the the singing of pascal Hymn. Then started five readings . the Euchristic sacrifice. and blessing of the water,and continuation the mass were carried in a touching manner. the people were very devout in the Mass . It was 10 p.m Programme was ended. For the people the refreshments were served 
      parish priest

Mass Timing
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