Former Parish Clergy

Rev Fr.Jhon Walter Mendonca (1994-2001).

After serving as assistant in Udyaavar Parish, Fr. Walter, young and energetic Priest was appointed as our Parish Priest. It is always nice to be with people to know their problems. And so did Fr.Walter. He mingled with our Parishnors and understood thier problems one by one. Later, after a lot of reflection he came into action to actualy fulfill all the basic needs of our Parishnors. He sta...

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Fr.Rosario Fernandes(2008-2013)

In 2008 Fr.Rosario Fernandes took up the charge as a parish priest of Kuppepadavu church.He had special devotion to Mother Mary.During his time the renovation of "Grotto" took place.He gave special importance for the spiritual formation of the people.During his time inter-religion celebration of christimas took place and continues even now.He rendered his service in this valuable parish for 4 year...

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Rev Fr.Assisi Rebello (2001-2008).

Rev.Fr.Assisi Rebello a dynamic Priest steped into our Parish in the year 2001. This Priest well known for his simplicity, gave more  importance in building better Catholic families in our Parish through various changes in spiritual activities. And this came right when everyone exepted that he would concentrate more on building structures. But his vision for our Parish was something dif...

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Rev Fr.Peter Lobo (1985-1994).

Rev.Fr.Peter Lobo was transferred to Kuppepadavu Parish from Trasi on 23rd of June in 1985. Kuppepadavu is an village having many ups and downs, hills and streams. And appointing an old Priest for service in this region was really an bad choice. But God our shepherd, leads his flocks in the dark valleys of problems. And the same was true with Fr.Peter. He was truely lead by God and his servi...

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Rev Fr.Valerian Frank (1982-1985)

After serving successfully as the assistant Parish Priest of Valancia Parish, Fr.Valerian took the charge of Parish Priest in Kuppepadavu Church. It was his privilege to be the president of the committee for organising and celebrating the ocassion of silver jubilee of our Parish in the year 1983. Under his leadership and guidance this ocassion was celebrated in a meaningful way achieving gre...

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Rev Fr.John R Noronha (1976-1982)

After the death of Fr.Fedrick Lobo, Rev.Fr.John took the charge as parish priest. He stepped in as an young priest with tremendous zeal to face and conquer any mighty challenges. Records say that the Parish saw many good developments in his period. By forming the 'Catholic Youth Movement' he was sucessful in uniting many youth from all four corners of the Parish. Due to his vision and suppor...

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Rev Fr.Fedrik Lobo (1969-1976)

Rev.Fr.Fedric Lobo who was apponted as the third Parish Preist made great contribution in the overall development of the Church. Showing great concern towards the poor and needy he availed them food facility from “Karithas” organisation and distributed them to all people irrespective of caste and religion. Being self interested in agriculture he planted coconut plants and trees in the pre...

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Rev Fr.Felix Concesso (1966-1969)

Rev.Fr.Felix Concesso, an able Priest blessed and sent by God to our Parish was able to win the hearts of people in a very short time. His repeated fall into sickness made his health conditions worse because of which he could serve for only three hard years. He brought in some basic infrastructure like almair to keep the vestements in sacristy and increased the standard of our Church. Coconut...

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Rev Fr.Abel Cohello(1958-1966)

       Rev.Fr.Abel Cohello, serving as assistant Parish Priest of Milagres church in Mangalore was appointed as the first Parish Priest of Kuppepadavu Church. Being very young and with his little experience he had that great responsibility on him to bring up this newly formed Parish which was still in the stage of infancy. In between all the shortcomings and difficulties o...

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