Rev Fr.Fedrik Lobo (1969-1976)


Parish Priest

Rev.Fr.Fedric Lobo who was apponted as the third Parish Preist made great contribution in the overall development of the Church. Showing great concern towards the poor and needy he availed them food facility from “Karithas” organisation and distributed them to all people irrespective of caste and religion. Being self interested in agriculture he planted coconut plants and trees in the premises. For the source of water, a well was digged and electic pump was installed during his time. Provision for the electricity and lightings to the presbytery was also made. After the declaration of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII, several changes were brought in to the universal catholic church. We can recall that altars were turned to face the people and latin was replaced with local language. Hence the need for renovating the altar was done by him. He is greatly known for providing funds for education. Being affected by asthma he had his own difficulties. But nothing stopped him from reaching out to people and  loving and helping them. Neither his old age was an issue for him. He passed away on 7th of February 1976. His final ritual took place in our Parish in the presence of several faithful. We pray that Lord God almighty grant him eternal rest.

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