Rev Fr.Peter Lobo (1985-1994).


Parish Priest

Rev.Fr.Peter Lobo was transferred to Kuppepadavu Parish from Trasi on 23rd of June in 1985. Kuppepadavu is an village having many ups and downs, hills and streams. And appointing an old Priest for service in this region was really an bad choice. But God our shepherd, leads his flocks in the dark valleys of problems. And the same was true with Fr.Peter. He was truely lead by God and his service even in his old age was actually surprising. Like every other Priest, even he had much concern towards poor. It is said that no one who would come to him for any sort of help, went back bare handed. His faith on the devotion of the blessed sacrament was undoubtedly strong. Being an open minded person he spoke without keeping any thoughts or feelings within his heart. An instance to proove that he was ever ready to help others is, his goodness shown in providing higher education to many youth of our Parish and making them able to build their life and make them stand on their own feet. He was an inspirtion for many to have an inner call for vocation to serve God. He installed an beautiful sculpture of Immaculate Heart of Mary inside the Church. Other than spirituality, he even gave importance  to the agriculture production thereby drawing more income from it. He humbly served for nine long years in our Parish and after completing his silver jubilee he was retiered by default and spent his remaining life in Viannie home. On 15th of July 2003, he even retiered from his long stay on this earth and started his journey towards heaven. We pray that God almighty grant him eternal rest.

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