Rev Fr.Assisi Rebello (2001-2008).


Parish Priest

Rev.Fr.Assisi Rebello a dynamic Priest steped into our Parish in the year 2001. This Priest well known for his simplicity, gave more  importance in building better Catholic families in our Parish through various changes in spiritual activities. And this came right when everyone exepted that he would concentrate more on building structures. But his vision for our Parish was something different. It is recorded that, he said these following lines on the day one of his sevice. "In my term of seven years, I would not raise any building. But I have come here to build families. My mission is to break the word of god and bring oneness in every family hence increasing Gods love". And to tell the truth, before his last day in our Parish he fulfilled his words that he had expressed on his first day of his service here. He became the first one among our Parish Priests to celebrate Saturday evening mass for the sake of those who found it difficult to attend liturgy on Sunday early morning. And there was meaningful liturgy, melodious choir and immense devotion in every mass. He rightly understood the miracalous pesence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and began Blessed Sacrament adoration on every first Friday and Sunday of the month and even special adorations on other Sundays to pray for any important intension like rain etc. And this brought a miracalous change in the spiritual life of people. Confessions were held before every feast by calling 5-6 Priest from outside. He even drawed peoples heart towards the devotion of holy rosary. He had great love towards children, youth, old and sick. He oraganised vacation camps for children and one day gathering for all old and sick people to make them meet on a single day. He even carried Communion for all old and sick people and heard their confessions every month. Mass was celebrated in the house of sick person and all the neighbous would be present to pray for him/her. He improved the financial conditions of our Parish. His role in promoting education among every religion and caste around the society was praise worthy. He helped them by paying their fees, offering required books and stationary items etc. He organized drama in our Parish and formed a source of income to help the poor children for their studies and sick people for their medication. Under his leadership all the committees in our Parish turned vibrant in their respective service. Specially, to encourage women leadership he formed 'Sthree Sangatan' and 'Swa-Sahaya Group'. Other importent change that he brought in was forming a new liturgic choir group by dissolving the previous one. And this worked out soo well that it is still being serving the Parish with an intention to help people to pray twice through singing. He also organised music classes for all intrested children with the help of Brothers coming from seminary for their Sunday ministry and even this gave satisfying result by bringing up really talented musicians to serve the Lord. He also set a strong Parish liturgy comittee to look after the liturgy during special ocassions. And at last but not the least, in his final year  of service, he was blessed with an opportunity to head the Golden jubillee celebration of our Parish. And like always, many works to mention that were held on behalf of this celebration. But to finish it in short sentence, all works were planned and executed beautifully under his able leadership. Hence, the celebration finally tuned out to be an successful one in every aspect. Surprisingly he was transferred to our Mother Parish Hospet on 30th of May in the year 2008 and thereby miracalously obtaining the opportunity by default to be the main celebrant for the closing ceremony mass of the Golden jubillee year of our Parish for which he was the Parish Priest to initiate the ocassion. We thank him for his love and service for our Prishnors and  pray that Lord God almighty bless and keep him in good health throughout his mission. 

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