Mariagiri Convent and Health Center Kuppepadav

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 In the year 1980 on 4th May the Mariagiri Health centre was existed in Kuppepadavu.For about 6 months the sisters surveyed  the all 3 villages.The felt need of people was need of health centre.They visited every family without caste and creed,rich and poor.   The missionary sisters of the queen of the apostles run this health center.Bishop of Mangalore Rev.Dr.Basil D’Souza permitted the sisters in respond of parish priest andparishoners of Immaculate Heart Church Kuppepadavu. The health center was build and given to the sisters.Sisters furnished.The health centre with required equipements costs and bedside needs.The beginning was a big struggle.Sisters were conducting free medical camps,health education talks to eradicate communicable diseases teaching and awareness program on hygiene and health care of the skin D-worming,good food ,encouraging  them to have their own small kitchen garden,advising and encouraging immunization program for children,meeting the women,widows senior citizens,conducting home deliveries at free of cost,visiting families,examining the pregnant women. About  150 poorest families were helped by the church without caste and creed.There were maternal and child care program(M.C.H) church was providing free food for the poorest of the poor.Twice a month they were given milk powder,oil,wheat.Those families were visited regularly to teach and educate hygiene to prevent disease and to promote health.There was no bus facilities,sisters had to ride bicycles,while returning back.We have to walk with bicycle because it is again high place to ride back.   The institutions came forward to help us to give medical aid.They spared doctors thrice a week like Fr.Mullers,C.O.D.P Mangalore,C.S.I Udupi,and St.Johns Bangalore on contract rural bond service.

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